Sports Themed Jewlery

Sports Themed Jewlery

Whether you’re sweating it out on the field or cheering on your team from the stands, Sports Themed Jewlery is a fun way to show your spirit. The celeb-loved accessories brand BaubleBar recently dropped its first officially licensed NFL collection, signaling a growing trend of fashion jewelry brands collaborating with sports-licensed apparel companies.Sports Themed Jewlery

Show your love for the game of baseball with this jersey charm. This unique sterling silver charm is the perfect way to add a little sports flair to your jewelry collection. The baseball jersey is detailed with the player’s name and number, making this an excellent gift for a proud athlete or yourself. It would also make a fantastic gift for the mother of a young baseball star.

Whether your customers are playing the game themselves or simply enjoying watching it from the stands, sports-themed jewelry is sure to be a hit in any boutique. The Faires wholesale marketplace features a wide range of sports earrings and pendants, perfect for retailers looking to stock up on high-quality jewelry that their customers will love.

Another popular piece of sports-themed jewelry is the baseball bat cross necklace. This pendant is the perfect way for baseball players and fans to elegantly display their passion for both their sport and their faith. The baseball bats in a cross formation resemble God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, creating a very unique and beautiful jewelry piece.

This particular version of the baseball bat cross necklace has red enamel on the grips of the baseball bats, allowing for an added level of detail that really makes the necklace stand out from the rest. This is a perfect necklace for those who play or support the game of baseball, as the colors of the bracelet will compliment any team’s uniforms.

Besides the traditional baseball bat cross necklace, the new CC Sport Jewelry collection also offers a number of other baseball-themed jewelry pieces. For example, the CC Sports Charms are a fun way to show your support for any team by wearing a set of three baseball-themed snap charms on a bracelet or chain. The CC Sports Charms feature team logos, player numbers, and other sports-themed designs that are sure to please any sports enthusiast.

Basketball Jersey Charm

Whether your customers are playing basketball on the court or cheering their team from the stands, they can show off their sporting pride with jewelry like this Basketball Jersey Charm. Crafted from 925 sterling silver, this charm is designed to look like a basketball with a player’s name and number embroidered on it. Its dimensions are about 8mm L x 17mm W x 3.5mm D, making it ideal for use on bracelets and necklaces. The charm is also available in other finishes, including antique gold plated and antique pewter. If you need a larger size, this charm is available in our wholesale quantity discounts.

Many sports are not televised, and it can be difficult for players to find faith inspired jewelry that represents their passions on the field. To help address this issue, All In Faith has created a line of sports themed jewelry that includes a Baseball Bat Cross necklace and the 2.0 Five Tool Necklace. The design of the baseball bat resembles God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, allowing athletes to keep their faith close to their hearts.

Whether they’re sweating it out on the court or just a fan in the stands, women who play sports need to be ready for game day. Stylish earrings, necklaces and pendants in this collection will allow them to keep their favorite sport close to their heart and look good while doing it. These pieces include soccer, volleyball and tennis earrings as well as football, lacrosse and basketball necklaces.

Football Player Ring

There are many iconic sports trophies in the world, but few are as desirable as a shiny Super Bowl ring. This is because rings are personal, wearable, and a great reminder of a team’s biggest accomplishment. Unlike the Lombardi Trophy, which sits in the front office under lock and key, rings are a memento that players can wear out on the town (if they’re brave/crazy enough) and display in their home.

In order to receive a championship ring, an NFL player must have played for the winning team during the season in question. Typically, every member of the winning team, including backups, coaches, and owners will be given a ring. In rare cases, players who were traded away or cut from the roster may still be eligible to receive a ring if the team owner chooses to give them one.

The ring design is typically created by the winning team’s leadership, with the help of a jeweler. The jeweler then uses a combination of CAD and rapid prototyping to create a ring prototype. Once the design is finalized, the jeweler will produce each individual ring using casting, finishing, polishing, and stone-setting. During this process, the team’s official jewelry provider will add a personalized touch to each ring by inlaying the winner’s jersey number and name into the ring.

Each ring includes multiple inscriptions, as well as a variety of gemstones. For example, the Chiefs’ ring features 50 diamonds in the arrowhead logo, to represent the franchise’s fifty years at Arrowhead Stadium. There are also 16 baguette diamonds on the ring’s top rim, to represent the number of division titles that the team has won throughout their history.

The ring is also an expensive piece of jewelry. It contains more than 128 diamonds, and the total weight is estimated to be around $3 million. Interestingly, the winning team’s rings are made by the same company that makes high school and college rings, Jostens. The most expensive ring ever made was for Super Bowl XLII, which featured a mountain range of diamonds and a large diamond shaped like a football.

Multi-Sport Medleys

Sporty jewelry is a must-have for fans who are looking to show their support on the field or in the stands. Whimsical sports charm earrings and pendants are a fun way to express a passion for a favorite sport, such as baseball, soccer, basketball, or volleyball. These cute and creative pieces are crafted from high-quality, lead-free pewter to be a stylish addition to any outfit. Shop for necklaces and earrings in a wide range of styles to suit any fan or athlete.

If a player is passionate about more than one sport, or an avid fan of several different sports, finding a single piece of jewelry that captures both their passions can be challenging. For this reason, All In Faith has created a line of multi-sport medleys that allow athletes and fans to wear their love of the game with their faith on their sleeve.

The first of these multi-sport medleys is the new golf pendant that combines a detailed golf ball design with a dangle cross for the perfect two-for-one necklace. Golf may not get as much televised attention as other major team sports, but it is still a very popular sport for both players and fans to be passionate about.

All In Faith has also included a full lineup of football inspired pieces that integrate faith based designs as well. This includes the Gridiron Football Cross Pendant that features a stainless steel silhouette of a football with a cross woven into the pattern for a truly elegant jewelry piece.

Many sports rely heavily on fitness, so it’s important for players and fans to be able to keep their passions for both their sport and their faith close together. This is especially true for sports like boxing, which can be hard to find a necklace that allows athletes and fans to celebrate their love of the sport. For this reason, All In Faith has designed the Anchor Punch Boxing Cross necklace, which features a detailed set of boxing gloves draped across a cross pendant to create a unique piece of sports jewelry.